The v-tabs component is used for hiding content behind a selectable item. This can also be used as a pseudo-navigation for a page, where the tabs are links and the tab-items are the content.




Fixed tabs

The fixed-tabs prop sets a higher minimum width and applies a new maximum width to v-tabs-items. On desktop screens, the tab items will be centered within the v-tabs component and switch to evenly fill on mobile.

Right aligned tabs

The right prop aligns the tabs to the right


Tabs are not the only thing you can put inside the v-tabs component. In this example we’ve also added a toolbar.

Icons and text

By using the icons-and-text prop you can add icons to each tab item.

Desktop tabs

Align tabs with toolbar title

Make v-tabs lined up with the v-toolbar-title component (v-toolbar-side-icon or v-btn must be used in v-toolbar). May not work if the tab text is wrapped.


The grow prop will make the tab items take up all available space.

With menu

You can use a menu to hold additional tabs, swapping them out on the fly


If the tab items overflow their container, pagination controls will appear.

Custom icons

prev-icon and next-icon can be used for applying custom pagination icons.