Frequently asked questions

Stuck on a particular problem? Check some of these common gotchas before creating a ticket. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, submit an issue on github or ask the community in discord.

  • My code doesn’t work - what should I do?

  • I’m receiving an error similar to the following:
    Error in ./node_modules/vuetify/src/dir/file.js Module parse failed: Unexpected token (<lineno>:<characterno>)

  • Is there a codepen template with router?

  • My application does not look correct

  • The Dark or Light theme are not working.

  • Menu/Dialog/Navigation drawer are not opening properly.

  • The scrollbar is showing even though my content is not overflowing vertically.

  • How to center vertically?

  • My / link is active when I’m on /home page

  • My page on mobile is not responsive

  • How do I use Font Awesome Icons or Material Design Icons (mdi)?

  • My dialog closes immediately after clicking the button

  • Relative images are not working in v-card components

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